Equine Chiropractic Care is a drugless alternative method of Health Care. In general, it can aid in the treatment and prevention of disease in horses as well as optimize immune function, performance, and potential of the animal. 

The purpose of Equine Chiropractic is to Optimize Health and Function.  We ask a lot of our horses! We ask them to perform and to accomplish things they would not normally do on their own.  We place high demands on them, demands that can be very stressful. Some of these are: Racetrack, barrel racing,roping, cross country endurance, hunter jumping, western pleasure, therapeutic riding, etc...  High level performance and stress can cause spinal misalignments which lead to decreased motion of the spinal joints along with nerve irritation and eventually discomfort for your horse.  Signs of this include your horse gradually or suddenly becoming less supple, refusing to perform tasks that they would previously do, feeling generally stiff, and flinching during saddling.

Your own observations in your horse Consider your horse’s recent performance and demeanor:

  • Has your horse’s behavior or performance changed recently?
  • Does unusual or fluctuating lameness exist?
  • Does the rider have difficulty sitting straight on the horse?
  • Has the rider or trainer noticed changes in the various gaits?
  • Does the horse drag its feet or are the shoes worn down on one side?
  • Does the horse lean on you when picking up the front leg or jump backwards?
  • Does the horse move away from you when you put pressure on its Ilium or lean into you?
  • Do you notice any asymmetry in the horses hind quarter?

Chiropractic helps restore and maintain your horse’s health naturally.

To have your horse evaluated, you must first have your Veterinarian complete a Clearance Form to rule out any other problems that might need to be addressed prior to having your horse adjusted by a Licensed Animal Chiropractor.  These forms are available through our office.


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